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Cost-effective & high quality website designing solutions bundled with 1 year hosting & free site maintainence. We also have solutions to make you go online in just 24 hours. We provide email, ticket, whatsapp, viber and chat support. Our ticket support is online 24/7. Sites buit by us use html, css, php, javascript and mySQL. We use CMS such as Wordpress, Drupal and Magento.

Prices starts from just $ 400 only.


Mage Orange offers excellent custom web designing solutions. We can design anything from a simple single web page to websites for schools, corporate, businesses, blogs or complex ecommerce sites. We also work extensively on CMS based systems viz. Wordpress, Magento & Drupal. We have 5 years of experience on Magento. Additionally, we also design websites with ‘school management systems’ & ‘human resource management systems.’

We provide attractive packages on Wordpress.All our wordpress solutions come bundled with a custom theme with configurable theme and color settings & visual builder along with basic SEO plugin and setup. Due to the concerns of many people regarding security in wordpress, we install & setup Wordfence Security on all Wordpress sites. Apart from this, we also provide 'Wordfence Premium" & "Bulletproof Security" as paid services. See all solutions....

We have been working for years on Magento. Magento is a robust & most secure platform to run e-commerce websites of any size; it is so much reliable that despite being CMS for e-commerce, at times we have used it to create content based websites on client's demand. We work both on Magento 1.x & Magento 2.x. All our magento comes with a configurable custom theme and we configure all settings for free. Additionally, we offer many 3rd Party Plugins from our "Partner Companies" on discount with free installation. See all solutions....

Drupal is a powerful & most secure website platform for content and community. Drupal can also be used for small e-commerce websites. Drupal has the 'esteem' of powering many popular government & non-government websites around the globe. All our Drupal packages come bundled with a configurable custom theme and visual builder and we configure all basic settings for free.See all solutions....

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Get your dream book published easily at our Self-publishing Platform. We undertake all types of digital publishing jobs and offer 100% loyalty. We publish your book in Kindle & pdf and provide complimentary print copies. Additionally, we help you list and sell on Amazon websites. In certain cases we also take up physical publishing jobs.

Mage Orange provides photoshop designing services at a best price. We design anything from simple flyers & logos to huge banners. We work on high pixel banners for large hording, magazines, newspapers etc.

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