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Why Use Magento???

By blog admin 3 years ago 647 Views No comments

E-commerce Marketplace means to strategize and manage a lot of things, and doing this is not child’s play. Ecommerce marketplaces must be highly scalable as it is obvious to have innumerable sellers and unlimited products right from the beginning or latter; such a high level scalable platform has to be built on “MVC” model and precisely a specific “framework” such as Zend, Phalcon, Ruby on Rails etc. But building such a platform from scratch would require huge amount of money and months of R & D.

This is where Magento comes in picture. Magento, being an open source platform has gained a lot of popularity due to its features. Also, it is most powerful shopping cart solution which allows to build high standard online shopping website. Magento is a robust platform built on elements of the “Zend Framework” and follows the “MVC” model and hence is highly scalable and with customization it can be used to harness any complex ecommerce need.

It is indeed true that it’s very hard to find web designers for skillful “magento implementation & deployment” and even harder to find “good magento developers” and also it requires quite a lot of money to research, experiment, develop, customize and come up with the final solution to one’s need of an ecommerce marketplace *[ reference for starting cost of a non-marketplace ecommerce website from idwagency one of the biggest & expert magento implementation & development services: https://www.iwdagency.com/blog/magento-pricing-cos... ]. However, the amount of money required is lesser and the project time frame is even lesser as compared to building such a kind of robust website from scratch.

Thus, is an over-architected platform and its architecture is so powerful that can fulfill needs of websites that want to sell 1 to 1 million products or more. This is why some of the biggest brands including Samsung, Fort, Fox Connect, Levono, Olympus, Men’s Health, Vizio, Nestle Nespresso and Nike use Magento and so do millions of small and midsized ecommerce companies around the globe*. * *[ reference: https://www.digital6technologies.com/10-reasons-us... ]. Also Magento has been used by many Indian Ecommerce Giants including Lenskart, Craftsvilla.