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1.1. Mage Orange facilitates Developers and Organizations (Company or Firm) to sell their Products and/ or Services related to Magento, Wordpress, Drupal, Vtiger CRM, Suite CRM and Orange HRM Applications at its website- www.mageorange.com simply referred to as “Mage Orange.”

1.2. This Partner’s Terms & Conditions is a legally binding document between you the Partner and Mage Orange. Your use of the website automatically confirms your acceptance and the effectiveness of the policy.

1.3. Further, this policy is a piece of “Electronic Agreement” in accordance with the Indian Information and Technology Act, 2000. Therefore, this policy doesn’t require any physical or digital signature.

1.4.  All Partners at Mage Orange shall strictly comply with the other Mage Orange policies, terms & conditions, code of conduct, rules & regulations etc. Most of these policies are accessible from the website’s footer.

1.5. This set of terms conditions is flexible and may be amended or modified keeping into view the interests of the Customers, Sellers/ partners and Mage Orange.

1.6. However, the version of the “Terms & Conditions” will be mentioned and the older versions will be available in the organization’s database.




2.1. All Partners desiring to sell their products or services on the website(s), marketplace(s), maintained by Mage Orange will undergo a Partner Registration Procedure wherein the Partners are required to submit valid proof of their organization.

2.2. Developers who want to list and sell their plugins at the Mage Orange Marketplace will have to undergo a quality check for the plugins they wish to list.

2.3. Developers who want to provide Services only will be required to submit their portfolio as well as proof of previous works or else a robust highlight of their capabilities.




3.1 Seller Direct Mode:

3.1.1. In Seller Direct Mode, Partners at Mage Orange are required to pay a MMC- Monthly Maintenance Fee of 69 USD and a Monthly Subscription Charges of 29 USD. There are no listing fees.

3.1.2. Monthly Maintenance Fee of 69 USD will be automatically adjusted from payouts every month and will be exempted if the total payout of a Partner is less than 100 USD in a month.

3.1.3.. Subscription Charges of 29 USD is payable on a monthly basis irrespective of the sale but however is exempted for the first year for Partners listing & selling plugins/ extensions.

3.1.4. In the Direct Seller Mode, Mage Orange will charge no commission.


3.2. Reseller Mode:

3.2.1. In the Reseller Mode, the Partner is not required to pay any Monthly Maintenance Fees or Subscription Fees.

3.2.2. In the Reseller Mode Mage Orange will charge a commission between 25%-40%.

3.2.3. Also in the Reseller Mode Mage Orange will take marketing initiatives for its Partner and will market the products of such partners within its reach free of cost.




4.1. All Partners must include their LICENSE AGREEMENT in their profile info which will be visible to the customers.

4.2. Partners are required to provide a Refund Policy for their Products or Services at their profile info. This Policy must be exactly similar or higher as compared to the Refund/ Return Policy of the Partner at his own Site. If a Partner does not provide return/ refund at his own site he may do the same at Mage Orange.

4.3. Partners will invariably be required to provide Support to the Customers for their Products or Services. The Support Policy must be mentioned at their profile info and has to be exactly similar or higher as compared to the Support Policy of the Partner at his own Site.

4.4. All Partners at Mage Orange will have their Own Helpdesk Segment at Mage Orange which will be maintained by the Partners themselves.

4.5. All Partners at Mage Orange will have their Own Blog Section at Mage Orange which will be maintained by the Partners themselves.

4.6. No Partner at Mage Orange will be allowed to provide a Refund Policy with a period exceeding 25 days.




5.1. Payment Processing for Partners will be carried out in a 60 Days Pay Out Cycle wherein Payments will be processed 30 days after an extension or service is sold. However, for Partners with No Refund Policy, Payments will be processed within 24 Hours.

5.2. Payouts will be made on the 1st Day of every month.

5.3. There will be no payments for Refunded Orders.




6.1. Partners shall create the products they wish to list. They must write the text content and also provide the images associated to the product. At times, Partners may provide video for their product as well. At times, Mage Orange will assist its Partners in creation and listing of products.

6.2. The Product description shall not be misleading and shall describe the actual Product.

6.3. Partners may also provide Support Packages bundled as Products. 

6.4. Partner must not create/ upload any inappropriate content related to sexually explicit content, or content that may hurt the religious or other sentiments of people belonging to any caste, creed, and color. Partner shall not copy or upload any copyright contents of others.

6.5. Partners shall strictly not upload or try uploading any script. Such an activity will be regarded as an attempt to cause harm to the website and Mage Orange, thereby strict action will be taken.




7.1. Partners will List their Products or Services at Mage Orange at a Price same as their own site or lower irrespective of any commission or other charges.

7.2. Partners will also have to provide a discount or offer on their products in the same manner as they provide in their own site. When a Partner offers a deal/ discount/ offer at their own site, he must provide the same offer at Mage Orange.

7.3. Mage Orange will not lower the price of the products or provide a discount on the products without the Partner’s Consent.

7.4. At times, Mage Orange may conduct Festive or Special Sale Programme, Deals or Auctions etc.

7.5. Partners participating in “Mage Orange Festive Sale Programme” or “Mage Orange Special Sale Programme” or “Deals” or “Auctions” or any such special sale/ promotion/ programme must comply with the policies and rules and regulations of that sale/ promotion/ programme as mentioned separately in the registration form for participation in the “programme.”

7.6. Mage Orange shall have the right to remove the listing of any Product or regulate the contents related to Partner’s profile page, product or whatsoever with or without prior information.





8.1. If a Partner disobeys any terms mentioned in this policy, Mage Orange reserves the right to disqualify the Partner and notify the same to all the customers.

8.2. Partners unsatisfied with Mage Orange due to any reason whatsoever and after continued dissatisfaction post addressal of solution to their grievances by Mage Orange may opt to deregister anytime.





9.1. Mage Orange will not and in fact cannot be held liable for any infringement of copyright works or any other such misdoings of its Partners/ Sellers.

9.2. Mage Orange will not be held responsible for any sort of liability of its Partners towards any 1st or 2nd or 3rd  Party, Regional or National Government, Agency or Whatever.

9.3. Mage Orange will neither deduct from the Partner nor pay any sort of taxes or charges payable to the Regional or National Government or Authority or any International Authority on behalf of the Partner for carrying out his Business. All such matters will be the sole liabilities of the respective Partners.

9.4. Partner shall strictly not transfer / sell / trade / provide unauthorized access to the Mage Orange Panel to any other person or entity.

9.5. Mage Orange will not be held responsible for any mishap arising due to incorrect use of the Marketplace Panel or Weak Password or Sharing of Password.

9.6. Partners shall aim highly at Customer Satisfaction and must be honest, polite, reliable and generous to the customers.

9.7. Sellers shall maintain records of orders and refunds and preserve copy of invoice of all orders in physical or computerized format as may be required.

9.8. Mage Orange does not warrant that the Partner will be able to use the Website and or list and sell Products at all times or locations on the Website or that the Website and the services provided through the Website will be uninterrupted or error-free at all times.

9.9. Mage Orange also doesn’t warrant that there will not be any bug or discrepancies or lack of facilities in the website or its functioning. Such problem if any must be brought to immediate notice; Mage Orange will first judge and then solve such problems at the earliest convenience.

9.10. The brands/logos, trademarks, etc., belonging to Mage Orange are the exclusive property of the Mage Orange and cannot in any circumstance be used, or copied in any manner which is identical/ similar the brands/logos/trademarks of Mage Orange without authorization.

9.11. All Partners must understand that it is impossible for Mage Orange to track the activities of its customers; so, Mage Orange will not be liable or responsible to check license violations. Hence, it will be upon all Partners to check and report such violation to Mage Orange.

9.12. The Partner/ Seller agrees and undertakes to indemnify and to hold harmless Mage Orange, its affiliates, successors, agents, assigns, and each of their directors, officers, employees, associates, agents, and representatives from and against any losses, damages, liability, claims, costs, penalty and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees) incurred by reason of (i) any breach or alleged breach by the Seller of the Seller’s obligations, representations, or warranties hereunder; (ii) any violation by the Seller of applicable law or regulation; or (iii) any breach by the Seller of any Mage Orange Policies or any other policies.