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1.1 Mage Orange deals in both online and offline publishing. We also provide Kindle and other digital publishing solutions to our clients.

2.1 Please select a publishing product from the "menu" according to your requirement.

3.1 If you have any specific requirement you can write to us at info@mageorange.com; also CC to info.mageorange@gmail.com.

4.1 Please do note that it is at our sole discretion to accept or reject any "matter" provided by a writer.

5.1 We only accept pre typed matter in microsoft word document.

6.1 In case a writer submits a handwritten matter, cost of DTP will incur; also ETA will increase considerably.

7.1 The client is required to sign an "agreement" prepared on mutually decided terms and conditions before we process the request.

8.1 By submitting the "matter" or "manuscript" to Mage Orange, the writer or client expresses his intense "faith" and "goodwill" in Mage Orange and indemnifies Mage Orange against any lawsuit or charges of counterfeit, copyright or as the case may be.